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List No.701-750
Bad JobsTime 2:54 Canada

No.750 Bad Jobs

Jeff and Tim talk about jobs they would not want to do and why.

Cool JobsTime 3:18 Canada

No.749 Cool Jobs

Jeff and Tim talk about some cool jobs that they would love to have.

Snow CampingTime 2:52 US

No.748 Snow Camping

Tim talks about what camping is like in the snow.

Oregon PeopleTime 2:58 US

No.747 Oregon People

Tim talks about how people from where he lives differ from neighboring states.

Oregon BeautyTime 2:44 US

No.746 Oregon Beauty

Tim talk about the various landscapes of his home state in the U.S.

Big BreakTime 2:37 US

No.745 Big Break

Matt worked in Hollywood as an actor. He talks about how he got started at it.

The ExtraTime 2:26 US

No.744 The Extra

Matt talks about working in Hollywood as an extra on the sets of movies and TV shows.

An Actor's RoutineTime 2:19 US

No.743 An Actor's Routine

Matt used to work in Hollywood. He talks about the daily routine of making a movie.

RemediesTime 2:22 UK

No.742 Remedies

Keren shares what she eats or takes when she is felling sick or in need of a boost.

Staying Healthy OverseasTime 2:43 UK

No.741 Staying Healthy Overseas

Keren compares staying healthy in different regions of the world.

Staying HealthyTime 2:10 UK

No.740 Staying Healthy

Keren talks about her healthy lifestyle and what she does to stay in shape.

Good QualitiesTime 2:52 US

No.739 Good Qualities

Matt explains what he thinks makes a good student, friend, parent, and boss?

What are you like?Time 2:58 US

No.738 What are you like?

Matt reveals his personality by anserwing questions about character traits.

Who do you admire?Time 2:44 US

No.737 Who do you admire?

Matt talks about two people he admires. He talks about an athlete and an actor.

Travel OptionsTime 2:19 UK

No.736 Travel Options

Keren compares ways to travel, such as travelling alone or with a friend.

Wish ListTime 2:00 UK

No.735 Wish List

Keren talks about places she would like to visit and why they are on her wish list.

Great PlacesTime 2:53 UK

No.734 Great Places

Keren talks about some of the interesting places she has visited in the world.

GrandfatherTime 3:11 USA

No.733 Grandfather

Conrad talks about his amazing grandfather and how he overcame tough times.

The Taxi RideTime [Time] USA

No.732 The Taxi Ride

Todd continues the story of his taxi ride in Thailand that didn't work out as planned.

The Taxi RideTime 2:02 USA

No.731 The Taxi Ride

Todd talks about a taxi ride in Thailand that ended up not like he expected.

English Success StoryTime 3:07 Sweden

No.730 English Success Story

Peter is Swedish but he learned to speak English fluently. He explains how he did it.

TeachersTime 2:21 US

No.729 Teachers

Conrad shares his teaching background and what he looks for in a teacher.

Conrad's English House Time 1:56 US

No.728 Conrad's English House

Conrad talks about starting up his own English language school.

Winter in SwedenTime 2:43 Sweden

No.727 Winter in Sweden

Peter talks about how people get by during the really cold Swedish winters.

Winter Food for SkiingTime 2:02 Canada

No.726 Winter Food for Skiing

Lisa talks about some food options people have when going skiing near Montreal.

Kitchen SafetyTime 2:18 Australia

No.724 Kitchen Safety

Rebecca talks about the dangers of working in a restaurant and kitchen safety.

How to be a ChefTime 2:30 Australia

No.723 How to be a Chef

Rebecca discusses the various ways one can become a chef.

A Chef's LifeTime 2:27 Australia

No.722 A Chef's Life

Rebecca talks about her experience working in restaurants.

Camels,Koalas,KangaroosTime 2:38 Australia

No.721 Camels,Koalas,Kangaroos

Rebecca talks about creatures in Australia and odd facts about each of them.

Best CityTime 1:55 Australia

No.720 Best City

Rebecca talks about what she likes about various cities in Australia.

AustraliaTime 2:24 Australia

No.719 Australia

Rebecca talks about what she likes best about Australia and her city, Sydney.

Sushi Ways and WasabiTime 2:25 Japan

No.718 Sushi Ways and Wasabi

Hiroshi discusses how to eat sushi and when to use wasabi.

Sushi SelectionsTime 2:57 Japan

No.717 Sushi Selections

Hiroshi explains the different kinds of sushi you can order at a sushi restaurant.

Sushi LessonTime 3:01 Japan

No.716 Sushi Lesson

Hiroshi talks about sushi and the two most basic types this popular dish.

Ideal Day in MontrealTime 1:34 Canada

No.715 Ideal Day in Montreal

Lisa recommends a perfect day of activities in Montreal from morning to night.

Montreal Hot SpotsTime 2:12 Canada

No.714 Montreal Hot Spots

Lisa talks about some cool things you can do in Montreal and the hot spots to visit.

Summer in MontrealTime 2:38 Canada

No.713 Summer in Montreal

Lisa discusses the activities you can do in Montreal in summer.

Football in EnglandTime 3:16 Canada

No.712 Football in England

Phil talks about being a football fan and about what happens on the day of a match.

GadgetsTime 2:51 Canada

No.711 Gadgets

Phil talks about gadgets and how he uses them in his daily life.

Cars of the FutureTime 2:41 Canada

No.710 Cars of the Future

Phils talks about cars of the future and what they will be able to do.

Rocky RecoversTime 2:18 Canada

No.709 Rocky Recovers

Lisa talks about Rocky's attempt to heal from the accident.

Rocky Gets HurtTime 1:50 Canada

No.708 Rocky Gets Hurt

Lisa talks about a bad accident Rocky had and how it happened.

Rocky Gets a Home Time 1:41 Canada

No.707 Rocky Gets a Home

Lisa talks about how she got her cat and how Rocky got her name.

Chaz the CatTime 2:15 UK

No.706 Chaz the Cat

Phil talks about his cat back in England and why he likes it so much.

Food in EnglandTime 2:33 UK

No.705 Food in England

Phil talks about the food he misses from back home in England.

NeighborsTime 2:20 UK

No.704 Neighbors

Phil and Todd meet for the first time and talk about their guesthouse and their jobs.

Time 1:58 Australia

No.703 Hospital Routine

Barbara talks about her daily routine in the hospital and more about food and health.

Time 1:56 Australia

No.702 Hospital Food

Barbara shares how her stay at hospital changed her thoughts about food.

EmergencyTime 3:00 Australia

No.701 Emergency

Barbara talks about having to go to the hospital for a serious condition.


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